What To Expect After Total Knee Replacement?

Author: Prof. N. Reha Tandoğan, MD Total Knee Replacement is a very successful operation if performed properly. However, you should remember that the recovery period is long and the progress is gradual. Here are a few things you should know about your recovery.   Pain and stiffness Your knee will feel slightly warm and stiff, […]

Vertebral Body Tethering

Author: Dr. Tuna PEHLIVANOGLU, M.D. Vertebral Body Tethering is a new, revolutionary treatment method for scoliosis. By using this method, we can avoid the traditional fusion surgery, which is stopping the remaining growth of patient, so that the entire motion capacity of the spine is lost and a motionless, length-fixed spine is created. As a[…..]

Partial (Unicondylar) Knee Replacement

Author: Prof. Reha Tandogan, M.D. Partial (unicondylar) knee replacement is a surgical treatment for patients who have end stage cartilage damage confined to a single compartment of the knee. Your surgeon resurfaces only the damaged parts of the knee joint while preserving your ligaments, cartilage and menisci in the uninvolved part.   Is partial knee[…..]

Elbow Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a closed surgery method used in the treatment of joint problems, which does not require to make large incisions, and allows the diagnosis and treatment of the joint by camera imaging. Arthroscopy, which is the most commonly used treatment method in the orthopedic field, is based on the principle of sending camera and[…..]