Vertebral Body Tethering

Author: Dr. Tuna PEHLIVANOGLU, M.D.

Vertebral Body Tethering is a new, revolutionary treatment method for scoliosis. By using this method, we can avoid the traditional fusion surgery, which is stopping the remaining growth of patient, so that the entire motion capacity of the spine is lost and a motionless, length-fixed spine is created. As a result of vertebral body tethering however, the spinal column continues to grow, and this growth potential combined with the implants is yielding a gradual, very successful correction of the scoliosis. This is why vertebral body tethering is classified as a growth modulating treatment option.


a:Pre-op, b:Post-op 1st Year c:Post-op 3rd year

In addition to growth preservation, this method also preserves the motion of the entire spinal column, including the instrumented segments. Therefore, patients can move freely after surgery, which is impossible if traditional fusion surgery is undertaken. This method is also applied to professional athletes and dancers, because this is the only method which preserves growth and motion of the spinal column.


a:Pre-op, b:Post-op 1st Year c:Post-op 3rd year

Professional dancers and athletes are able to return to the same activity-performance level as before the surgery without any restrictions. Vertebral body tethering is the future of the scoliosis surgery and we are able to perform this revolutionary technique with great success on patients with scoliosis.

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