Shoulder Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is the preferred minimal invasive method for the treatment of joint problems. Instead of making large incisions on the joint, it allows processing through small holes of approximately 0.5 cm. Tools necessary for repair and a high-resolution fiberoptic camera for imaging are inserted through the holes. The surgeon performs the diagnosis and repair by looking at the image projected on the monitor opposite.

Arthroscopy, which has many advantages especially due to the small incision, can be used in the problems of the shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, and wrist.

The shoulder is the most flexible joint of our body. It has a structure that allows the arm to move in almost all directions. It is more susceptible to trauma due to its 360-degree movement capacity. The shoulder joint, which is the basis of the bones, allows the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to hold together, keep intact, and provide a range of motion.

Diseases for which Shoulder Arthroscopy is used

Shoulder arthroscopy may be preferred for shoulder dislocations, muscle and tendon ruptures, compression, osteoarthritis and removal of free bodies.

  • Rotator Cuff Rupture
  • Shoulder muscle compression
  • Shoulder instability (Loose joint capsule)
  • Labrum rupture
  • Osteoarthritis of shoulder:
  • Removal of free bodies

Shoulder arthroscopy can be applied in case of shoulder pain, movement restriction, sound in joints and loss of strength in arms, which do not recover with medication and physical therapy. However, this decision is made by an orthopedic physician. After the examinations and tests, the physician will determine the treatment method by evaluating the patient’s complaints.

How is Shoulder Arthroscopy carried out?

Shoulder arthroscopy is carried out under general or local anesthesia. The insertion points are determined according to the condition for which the operation is performed. First, an input for the camera is opened and error-free detection is made with a long, illuminated and high-resolution camera. The image on the camera is transferred to the monitor opposite the surgeon. Other tools are inserted through the other hole for repair. The surgeon monitors the area and performs the repair. Although the operation time varies according to the procedure, it is approximately 1 hour.

Advantages of Shoulder Arthroscopy

The most important advantage of arthroscopic surgery is that it provides a comfortable and rapid recovery after the surgery. The most important advantage is small incisions. Like the post-operative process, there are obvious advantages during surgery. It provides comfort and confidence to both the surgeon and the patient. Due to the detailed imaging, the error rate is reduced and the risk of complications is extremely low compared to open surgery.

  • Detailed imaging,
  • Providing comfort to surgeon and patient during surgery,
  • More secure,
  • Less risk of complications,
  • Less risk of infection,
  • More tiny and aesthetic scar,
  • Less pain after surgery,
  • Faster recovery

Recovery Process after the Shoulder Arthroscopy

There is no need for a hospital procedure as in open surgeries after shoulder arthroscopy. Patients can usually be discharged the next day, even on the same day.

There may be little pain, but it can be easily controlled with simple painkillers.

Shoulder-arm strap should be used for a while.

It is useful to rest the handle for 1 week.

It is important to dress the wound. Your doctor will definitely tell you what to do.

The sutures are removed after 15 days.

Doing the exercises regularly as prescribed by the doctor will accelerate the healing process.

What to pay attention After Shoulder Arthroscopy

After shoulder arthroscopy, there are some points that should be paid attention in order to reduce the risk of complications, accelerate the healing process and avoid injury again. Actually, the most important points to be pay attention are recommendations of the physician.

Regular wound dressing,

Regular use of prescribed drugs,

Avoiding sudden movements,

The shoulder arm strap is used for the recommended period of time,

Performing the exercises without interruption will help you to have a comfortable recovery process, to reduce the risks and to recover faster.

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