Mihail Blagoev



Mihail Blagoev was born and raised in Bulgaria.From an early age he had a clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish and felt compelled to work tirelessly to make that happen. While studying Business Administration and Finance, he began helping in the family business that dealt with Oil and Petroleum Trading, Agriculture and Construction. In 2009 Mihail decided to move on to an American medical device company, heading the sales and marketing department outside the United States. That first exposure to the medical field paved the way to Mihail’s path as an entrepreneur as he genuinely believed that the medical device market needs products and services to fill a significant void.

In 2013, Mihail was approached by an American company called Global OrthoBiologic Inc. and he consequently took the role of Vice President. In the years to come, he vigorously transformed the company a Global Regenerative Group with 4 subsidiaries in Trade, Academy, Care and Finance, operating worldwide.

Mihail always believed that the most important quality an entrepreneur should possess is the ability to recognize the bigger picture, find where there is an opportunity to make someone’s life better and do it. Ultimately, it is the vision of the entrepreneur that dictates the future of the company. It is that exact vision that helped Mihail pursue a number of very successful investment opportunities primarily in early stage companies.

Making a social impact is as important to Mihail as developing new products and services. Mihail is currently participating in a variety of social enterprises such as a Medical Center for invasive regenerative therapies and a Foundation that helps people (mostly children) manage existing pathological conditions and diseases.

At the beginning of 2020, Mihail joined Orthoist clinic for advanced sports surgery, based in Turkey, as a business development manager.

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